How does the Delphania Matchmaking Dating process work?

Step 1: Answer our questions

Please fill up our questionnaire in Get Started section. Our aim during this process is to find out your ideals, thoughts and tastes and to understand what you are looking for in a potential partner or date. We keep all information confidential and discreet and only for internal use.

Step 2: Matchmaking process

The whole idea is to and to find best matches from all possible sources of Ukraine. Plus carefully prescreen the girls. Our matchmakers go through your profile and make our suggestions of the ladies matching you based on mutually shared interests and other factors like age group, personality, physical features, etc. Our staff members know most women personally so we will try to give you our best individual attention possible. You will receive profiles and photos of the ladies whom we think might be a good match for you and contact those who you like the most with your information and photo. We will tell you which of the women have expressed a definite interest and sincere motivation in meeting you. We also will offer you our opinion of which women would most likely be potentially good matches for you.

Step 3: Scheduling a date

When we have a premium selection of girls (up to 10-12) with 3-4 top candidates we will arrange your dates. The best way we recommend is to come to Kiev, Ukraine and meet all ladies at one place (we arrange trips to Kiev for ladies from other Ukrainian cities). You also can invite lady to your country but it will depend of the lady, if she can come, anyway we will help you with arranging this date as well. Or you can meet in a third country. We schedule a date, time and place that is convenient for both of you. We keep your confidentiality, we only give your first name to our member and only the information you ready to share.

Step 4: Enjoy your date

If you decide to come to Kiev (what is the most effective based on our experience) we will meet you at the airport, help you with accommodation and arrange dates with all ladies of your choice. If you decide to meet at other country, we will help with all lady’s travel arrangements. You will not be obliged to send money to the lady directly, you can do all arrangements through our agency to avoid all possible misunderstandings. We will make sure that the schedule (date + time + place) is convenient for both of you. We also provide translator if needed to make sure that the date will go in the most natural and fun way possible.

Step 5: Decision on future dates

During the date you may exchange contact information for getting together on future dates. You also can call us after the meeting with your feedback about the date and to get feedback from the lady. You will have your own personal assistant during your stay in Kiev. She will help you with any questions you have about your meetings or everything else you need during your stay in Kiev. If you not satisfied on the first trip we will keep working with you, you can return as many times as you want and meet best ladies of Ukraine.